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Bus Categories and Definitions

Full-Size Motorcoach seated motorcoaches 40’ or longer designed for high-speed city to city use and the highest obtainable passenger comfort over long distances.

Mid-Size Motorcoach seated motorcoaches shorter than 40’ designed for high-speed city to city use, typically with lower bay storage and a rear engine, often just as comfortable as the Full-Size Motorcoach.

Bus to RV conversions new or used buses custom converted to use as full time live aboard recreational vehicles.

Executive Bus and Coach custom converted Full-Size Motorcoach designed to accommodate wealthy traveling executives, movie stars, and musicians on tour. Always includes sleeping quarters, dining areas, and full bathroom facilities and capabilities.

Transit Bus full-body bus at least 30’ long, specifically designed for severe service in an urban environment.

Para-Transit more accurately describes a business model than a vehicle platform. Can be a taxi or small shuttle bus that operates a more or less defined route but will stop along the way on request to pick up or discharge passengers unscheduled. Some para-transit companies offer on-demand door-to-door service from any origin to any destination. Para-Transit vehicles are typically mid-size buses or mini-buses.

Rapid Transit Bus designed to comfortably seat the most passengers including disabled and those wheel chair bound in the shortest length bus. Typically driven within one cities limits over short distances for long hours. Designed for easy entrance and exits with "stoop" features and good visibility with sides typically 90% or more glass.

Limousine typically stretched automobiles but more recently defined as any vehicle not covered in another category that is designed for highly specialized situations like party and wedding transportation. Nearly always incorporates expensive and dynamic seating, sound systems, audio visual equipment, eating and drinking areas and specialized lighting.

Limobus covers the larger, longer and more expensive versions of the Limousine described above.

Mid-Size Bus category covers most "other" types of medium sized buses wider than 90" with various floor plans and is typically highly customizable at a low cost. Typically used by higher capacity people moving companies like shuttle or airport service.

Mini Bus commonly known as shuttle buses are less than 90 inches wide and are typically converted and customized on van chassis and frames. Many look similar to class c motorhomes and are used for fast people moving mostly less than 50 miles one way.

Vanabode 4 wheeled box shaped vehicle providing transportation and lodging in an economical and durable platform. Those that Vanabode have much cheaper operating costs and ease of use while expanding the places they can travel to compared to typical RV owners.

Trolley antique old fashioned vehicles designed to create positive feelings with passengers and photo opportunities. Sometimes the vehicles are authentic but more often to ensure compliance with government regulations they are retrofitted facades over new commercial grade Mini Bus frames and engine to transmission configurations.

Double Decker Bus always has a second level of seating above the bottom floor. Used mostly as a tourist vehicle to create interest. Often double decker buses are converted to non moving roadside eateries or tourist shops.

School Bus designed to transport students, children and teens safely to and from school events. Typically painted yellow, with steel bodies, front engine configured, and have escape hatches mounted in the roof.

Class A Motorhome full size bus style motorhome used primarily by full time recreational vehicle enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in large coach safety and long term reliability.

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