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Renting a bus or trying to rent a charter bus can often be a great way to experience a fantastic and adventurous vacation without making a huge financial commitment. Often renting a bus can prevent purchasing an expensive motorhome that you THINK will make all your dreams come true (like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite said), but might not. I've outlined the advantages and disadvantages of renting a bus and compared it to buying one.

First remember that buses are like boats, unless you are going to live in them like, Kelly, my wife and I do, they must be considered an extra expense or luxury. If you take vacations often, go camping at least once a month, or attend events like big football games or car racing then they can often be no more expensive than typical car travel when considering the savings from not needing a hotel room. Of course if your bus purchase is for business you have an entirely different set of criteria.

So, try the bus rent route first. If you are considering buying a particular bus then by all means rent it first and try it out for THREE days! NO less. You will get a real feel for the bus that way and can decide whether to purchase the bus or not. If you are simply looking for information on how to get a good deal on bus rent. Or how to locate a dealer, and what to expect in terms of cost, paperwork, etc. then the following information will help you.

Most bus rent places rent recreational coaches for parties, gatherings, tours and other group events. Most companies give you the first 100 miles a day for free and charge about .62 to .92 a mile thereafter depending on current depreciation rates. Nearly all U.S. bus rent companies require at least a $5000 reservation deposit or half the rental is charged to your credit card at the time of confirmation. This is later applied toward your rental charges. When you pick up your bus there is also usually a security deposit charged and held during the time of your rental. Terms, rates and conditions of deposits vary depending on make, model, year, condition, and location of bus unit.

Extra's on your contract may include hospitality kits, kitchen kits, emergency road kits, or extra insurance. If the bus for rent has a generator there is usually a per hour fee on its use which is calculated after your rental and for many people camping in the wild this is worth it. If you are staying at a campground you don't need a generator.

When returning your bus for rent it is usually required that you clean it so that it is ready for use for the next renter. If you return the bus in a condition that is not clean and ready for use, you could be charged a cleaning fee.

Special insurance is often needed to prevent a catastrophe financially should you have an accident.

It typically is about $45 Per Day or you can get a binder from your car insurance company is some special circumstances.

If you have a breakdown during your rental period many companies have nationwide 24-hour roadside assistance, 24-hour vehicle operation assistance, and 24-hour customer service in many languages, Toll-free technical service hotline, mobile mechanical services, and warranty station appointment services can often be very valuable in ensuring your vacation is not a total disaster should a breakdown occur. You may need a special license to operate a bus but most rental places require you be at least 25 years of age with a valid driver's license and they provide the driver. You will pay a late fee if you don't return the bus on time.

Click rent a charter bus for very important details on this particular kind of bus rental or Shuttle Bus Services & Coach Rental in Sydney - bus rental and coach charters offered by A1 Coachlines, Bux Day, dinner transfers, and professional services. Before you buy: bus rent.

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