Used Bus List explains how to use our free service to sell your used buses, repos, motor coachs and shuttles

Individual and Dealer Benefits

1) FREE online listing of one bus for sale or your entire inventory with DIRECT contact with buyers by including your phone number, email address and website with each of your buses listings.
2) No contracts.
3) Your buses stay listed until they are sold, no time limit.
4) You control the sale. We do not influence price, financing, delivery, anything
5) Manage your entire inventory with up to 6 photos of each unit. Just login, anytime, from anywhere, and add, edit or delete your inventory. Dealers you can assign the simple task of uploading inventory to your office staff, sales manager, or individual salesman: with each having their own login, email and phone showing. Take a few minutes. Upload your inventory. Reap the rewards forever.
6) Daily email leads come in from buyers about no particular bus listed. We forward these email leads to ALL participating dealers for free.
7) You will be in the top of major internet search engines providing great exposure.
8) The links coming FROM TO your website from each of your listings directly leads to more traffic straight to you.
9) NOTE: Dealers with large inventories: you do not have to upload your entire inventory especially if it is turning over monthy. Use the "category representation" strategy. Load 1-2 units in to each category of bus where you carry inventory. Then LEAVE them there forever even when they are sold. Any leads that come in for that "category" of bus can then be switched by your sales staff to live inventory of that same type on your lot. For example if you sell many MCI entertainer and seated coaches per year upload one or two into the MCI category, one or two into the Entertainer category, and one or two into the Seated Coach category. You will get FREE leads forever from these.

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