Double Decker Bus for Sale Guide

Are you looking for a double decker bus? Then you should keep in mind that they are tall and heavy and are aimed to be used for the definite needs like the following: venue for advertising, a tour bus for excursions, stand alone restaurants. If you have one of the mentioned purposes or have some other aim, requiring special opportunities the double decker bus only has, you should consider all pros and cons before you start looking for the best match.

Take into account that the double decker bus suits only locations, which require traveling over 40 miles per hour. This type of buses is perfect for tour operators who find it the most convenient thanks to the large space provided by the seating capacity, which is increased compared to other bus types.

Before you use your best match, you are offered to consider all advantages and disadvantages of the double decker for the most common uses:

  • Double Decker as a Tour Bus

    Advantages: the main advantage of using this bus type is in its seating capacity. If you want to earn more per one run, then give preference to the double-decker instead of the traditional tour bus. As it has already been mentioned in the previous use, the double decker usually attracts tourists by its unique appearance, which makes it advantageous for those who organize tours as people often choose to go sightseeing by such buses as they find them interesting. Place the double decker tour advertising and you will see how many responds you will be able to get immediately.

    Disadvantages: among the cons there is the fact that most all buses have the right hand drive, which means the opposite to what Americans got used to. The height, weight and speed may be both an advantage for some uses and disadvantages for others. Consider which areas and roads you are going to use your bus on before you choose the one.

  • Double Decker as a Stationary Tourist Attraction

    Advantages: usually people find this type of buses very attracting. This gives a great opportunity to use it as a shop or a restaurant.

    Disadvantages: among the cons one should admit that they may be special considerations for space layout due to the interior size. According to the legislation of some states, they can be forbidden to be used because of the handicapped access. One more thing to keep in mind is the rust, which is the common problem here due to the steel body of the bus.

  • Double Decker as an Advertising Venue

    Advantages: you can successfully use it for advertising in the places where there is no possibility to use the usual billboard ads. Moreover, the price for such advertising is quiet reasonable.

    Disadvantages: Take into account that the running ownership will be influenced by the insurance, license plates, registration.

  • Double Decker as a Recreational Vehicle

    Advantages: The double decker will be the best deal for use as a party bus. It is often used for weddings, bachelor parties, etc.

    Disadvantages: among the disadvantages here you can notice the same weight, height, speed, depending on the purpose of use you have.

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Bus for Sale Guide

Bus for Sale Guide

Bus for Sale Guide

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