Important Aspects of BookNet You Should Be Familiar with

BookNet has been established as an international self-publishing literary platform that makes reading and publishing of e-books easier. Booknet provides a broad spectrum of contests, delivering various contests for publishers. A lucky winner has a possibility to win his or her book published in print media. If you want to try your chances, you can get your novel printed by a well-known publisher.

The Procedure of Publishing a Book

At, writers have to post their books without extra charge or sell them to publishers for minimized prices. Writers also have to earn money over those books which are still in the process of writing. Making a profit from drafts of your book happens to be an excellent source of income. Here are some more benefits to think of:

  • Free self-publishing: Publishing free books at is a nice thing to benefit from. This platform always concentrates on the marketing of their writers' books through popular social media and search engines. By enabling free access to a broad spectrum of books, readers who might want to purchase those texts are attracted to the platform.
  • Paid subscription: A writer can get a commercial rating by making a paid subscription. A subscription book should be based on an unfinished piece of work that is about to be completed within three months. That is the case because an average subscription covers the period of three months. What's next? The writer start selling the final version of the same book.
  • Increased book sales: You can sell your complted eBooks (Las Mejores Novelas Románticas or Libros de Fantasía) at as you usually do through an online retailer. If you start at least one membership, you can start selling complted versions of books.

Positive Sides of Online Book Sales

In most cases, a final version of a new book is available for public view with an illegal possession by the day of its release. This fact leads to declining sales and losses, not only for writers but also for publishers. At, they know how to sort out your problems. Their system of blogs and feedback makes it easier for you to make all the necessary updates. Every writer subscribed to BookNet will be provided with free banners and advertisement campaigns for each completed and not completed book. All these prerogatives are enabled through social media and search engines.

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