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Rent a Charter Bus

Before you rent a charter bus look over these questions and make sure your choice for a charter bus is appropriate for your trip. Make sure when purchasing a charter plan that you consider your traveling times. If you pay for time you don't end up using, then your wasting money. It would be more sensible to collect the money from your group prior to the bus charter trip. If you are looking for an individual big bus rental to test one out before purchasing then visit rent a bus.

Most charter bus companies in towns throughout the United States will be booked for weekends in March, April, and May as well as other high seasons. In this case you should rent a charter bus in advance. As soon as the need of a charter bus is known you should reserve a bus. Travel schedules change, it's known to happen, but you can reserve your charter bus with a 10% deposit. Which makes it easy for you to make appropriate changes as your plans become more tangible.



Collecting a partial or whole payment from your group before the trip can ensure you not being in a "jam" at the end of the trip. Bringing beverages on board charter buses is usually acceptable, including alcohol but this will require a damage deposit. If the charter bus returns in a reasonable condition your deposit will be refunded.

Bus drivers are sometimes the up or down side of the party. Charter bus drivers are usually friendly people, however, the bus driver's attitude can have an effect on the mood of his or her passengers and their attitudes. So keep this in mind during your conversations with them. Tipping your bus driver is of the norm when on longer trips, and is usually $1 per person per day.

Is a Bus charter appropriate for you? The most appealing aspect of renting charter bus service is keeping your group together, having movies on the road, usefulness of an onboard bathroom, and of course saving money. Church trips, school field trips, college and high school athletic trips, conventions, company parties, weddings, private parties, airport transfers, and trips to the cruise terminal are just some of the many reasons to rent a charter bus.

What sized charter buses do you have? Each charter bus company has their own unique type fleet. Typically motorcoaches range in capacity from 47-passenger to 57-passenger; although there are some rare 36-passenger motorcoaches out there. For smaller groups try a mini-bus. These look like the airport shuttles you take to hotels except all the seats face forward. Sometimes they have TVs and separate luggage storage but they never have bathrooms. Mini-buses cannot cross state lines and are best for short, in-town bus trips.

Do your charter buses have entertainment onboard such as TV, VCR, DVD, or CD? Most motorcoaches have TV monitors (typically 6 or so) that play either VCR or DVD. Some have a CD or Tape player as well. The sound plays from speakers so everyone listens to what is on. Check the amenities section of your quote for more information. Do all charter buses have air conditioning? Generally all charter buses have air conditioning. Check the amenities section of your quote to make sure.


Would it be better to rent more than one bus, or to economize the seating arrangements? More than likely it would make more sense to economize for the amount of people per motorcoach. Motor coach companies are competing in a very competitive market and try to offer their lowest price possible to all customers for all types of trips.

Can we bring alcohol onboard the motorcoach? Most charter bus companies permit the consumption of alcohol onboard. A damage deposit is required prior to the trip, which the charter bus company will refund if the bus is returned in reasonable condition. No kegs or glass containers. Coolers are allowed, but make sure they don't leak.

Is smoking permitted on motorcoaches? No. No tobacco products of any kind are permitted on charter buses. Can we bring coolers for food and drink on the bus? Yes, coolers are permitted on motorcoaches. Coolers can usually be placed on the seats or in the undercarriage below the bus but not in the aisle.

Who handles the bus driver's lodging? It is up to the customer to arrange and pay for the bus driver's lodging. The driver must have a room with a bathroom, bed, and TV. It does not have to be the same hotel that your group is staying at but it does need to be close by so there aren't extra charges associated with getting from the bus driver's hotel to your hotel. Also, be sure the hotel has a place to park the charter bus. Typically, they cannot be parked on the street. Is a gratuity for the bus driver customary? Part of the bus drive's compensation comes from the gratuity. A short bus trip calls for a 10% gratuity, and longer, multi-day bus trip calls for a 1$ per passenger per day gratuity. The driver can be paid on the website during final payments or during the trip.

What do your charter buses look like? There are pictures available for each bus company on your quote. If I planned wrong and we do not return the bus on time, what happens? You should plan for extra time just in case you are not back at the time you thought you would be. Depending on the company, they may charge extra for trips that run long. It will be between the company and yourself to negotiate and come up with the extra charges.

What happens if I return the charter bus early? No refund will be given if the bus was to return early, because it would be impossible to schedule another trip in that short of a notice. How are charter bus trips reserved? Normally a nonrefundable 10% reservation deposit is required to reserve a bus.


What if my charter bus trip is disrupted? Charter bus companies help make sure that each trip goes smoothly as possible. If a refund of the trip is necessary do to a problem or disruption you will have to negotiate it with the charter bus company. Ten percent of the trip will not be refundable. Requests for refunds should be sent to the bus company directly.

How are the charter bus trips prices arranged? Pricing methods depend on the company and trip variations. Charter bus companies have different rates and methods for pricing. A 5-hour minimum will be set for in town and will be priced by the hour. Out of town trips will have a flat day rate or by the mileage.

What other costs should I consider, and what is included in the cost? Customer will pay all parking fees and tolls. The customer will also pay the bus driver's lodging typically and payment may be required in advance. There is a processing fee ranging from 2% to 4% for many companies to cover adminsitrative costs and the costs of refunds and cancellations.

What if I need to change my plans? You can change your trip plans by logging on to CharterBusAmerica.com select the "change Itinerary" button. Doing this, will give you the opportunity to change your plans and or submit for a new quote. From here you can select to accept your new price and your balance will be updated.

Are there any handicap accessible buses available? Some companies in our network have a limited supply of handicap accessible buses. Make sure you get proof of insurance for the charter bus company you choose. Also make sure the company has been in business for at least 3 years and own at least 5 working motorcoaches. Visit bus charter for further discussion on renting a bus. Have fun rent a charter bus!

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