Simple Tips for Cybersports Bettors Who Want to Succeed

Until 2013, a major international tournament, World Cyber Games, was held - an analogue of the Olympic Games in real sports. Today, the most prestigious are competitions in individual disciplines conducted by developers of specific games (for example, The International, the League of Legends World Championship).

All more or less large bookmakers began to take bets on eSports. As a rule, bookmakers make bets on outcomes, a little less - totals and odds on cards, round results, player statistics. Odds are comparable to real sports: office leaders rate equally probable outcomes at 1.85–1.90. You can LoL bet on top games even in live. Cybersport lovers are offered bonuses.

What Plays an Important Role in the Success of Large Tournaments?

What to remember when betting on LoL? Do not forget that most cybersportsmen are young and inexperienced. On large LAN tournaments you can see guys 15-16 years old who are not used to the scene and the attention of several thousand spectators. Their level of play can drop dramatically due to excitement.

In addition, young people are prone to rash decisions and often act on emotions, because of which stability suffers. For a bettor, it is important to separate teams and players on psychologically stable and unstable, which is especially important in large tournaments, where many third-party factors can affect the level of the game.

Personal Meeting Statistics – One of the Key Factors

In football betting, this parameter is often overestimated. For example, in the first round of the Premier League subsection 2016/17, there is the “Man City” of Josep Guardiola and the “MJ” Jose Mourinho. Well, what does the history of the Manchester derby matter for this match, if the teams and coaches have changed beyond recognition?

In cyber games, this option works a little differently. There are few top players, the style of their game does not change dramatically over time, and there are a lot of matches between them. Gradually stand out teams whose styles work perfectly against some teams and are completely useless against others. For example, a team has no arguments against swift rush, but it ideally acts in a protracted positional game. By combining the styles of teams in the long run, you can find hidden favorites and develop effective strategies.

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