The Most Useful Items for All Dota Players

Would you like to benefit from the game much? Then, you need to be aware of all tricks that exist in the game. Today, all players of Dota dream about making their hobby a way of gaining income by betting at However, before playing for money, it is necessary to know everything about the game and be a professional player. Check the most important Dota items, which every hero may benefit from, regardless of his/her role and position in the game.

5 Great Items You Will Benefit From

Let's look at a few items that can be useful to absolutely all heroes in Dota game. They are the following:

  • Town Portal Scroll: A very important item that teleports you to a friendly building. When you click on the LMB, a sight appears on it, which you need to aim at a friendly building (you can aim directly at the minimap) and press LMB again. Recovery time: 65 seconds. For teleportation, you need 75 mana. In the place of teleportation, there is a special effect that all players will see (enemies will see only when the place of teleportation falls into their zone of visibility).
  • Bottle: It allows you to quickly restore health and mana. It is worth 600 gold. You can put in the courier, so that he delivered it to the fountain (filled), and then brought back to you. In the Bottle, you can store the rune. After using the rune in Bottle, Bottle is automatically restored. The bottle cannot be thrown out when there is a rune inside. You can give it to another player, but if there is a rune in it, then he will not be able to use it.
  • Observer Ward: This item is placed on the ground and used for reconnaissance, that is, it makes for its team the terrain around itself visible. With it, you can monitor the movements of enemy heroes and control the appearance of runes. It is invisible to enemy heroes.
  • Sentry Ward: Almost the same as the Observer Ward, but sees the invisible and has a short range of natural sight. It is used to detect enemy heroes and wards. It shows invisible heroes within 950 radius. It is invisible to enemy heroes.
  • Gem of True Sight: It lies in the inventory of the hero and shows the invisible. Used to expose heroes in invisibility and wards. Constantly shows the invisible in a radius of 1100. Any hero can pick up, even the enemy. The store is in a single copy with a recovery time of 8 minutes. Illusions owned by the owner of Gem of True Sight, also have the ability to see the invisible.

Learn the benefits of Dota items to know in what situation you may benefit from their use most.

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